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We have several ways of working with volunteer groups:

If your group members will schedule themselves, then you can request from our staff an access code so that when used, will ensure your volunteers all schedule themselves on the same projects and times. This is usually used if you have a large organization where only some are volunteering, or if your organization is sponsoring a build or build dates. If this describes your group, then please [ email ] us.

If you will have a group leader that will schedule your entire group at once. You can create your group online, then schedule your group via our online system. This method requires that the group leader coordinates with it's members and is responsible to ensure you have as many volunteers participate on your dates as you sign up for. If you provide the group members email addresses, we can automatically email them the schedule reminders. If this describes your volunteer group, please go to our volunteer calendar, click the "group leader" option at the top, and click the "SIGN UP" button where you find opportunities that meet your interests and availability.

If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

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